ShareIt App – Pros and Cons

ShareIt App

As the name suggests, it is an online community that enables users to share and exchange their thoughts on the internet. It has been a very effective tool in bringing people closer to one another and is definitely the best platform for meeting new friends. It can also be said as the social networking of the internet.


ShareIt App gives users access to various features that help them get connected and network with others. These include: Facebook like community; Myspace-like community and many more. There are different ways by which one can communicate with other users. For example, one can send messages, share photos, videos, documents and so on.

The cons of ShareIt App: Since it is a private networking website, it can’t really be accessed by users from all parts of the globe. Hence, one needs to have a strong connection to the internet in order to access this website. Moreover, due to its low bandwidth, some users may not be able to access it on time.

The disadvantages of ShareIt App: As the name implies, there are certain disadvantages in using ShareIt App. One disadvantage is that it is not as popular as other social networking websites. This means that users need to spend more time to find the best applications. However, if you can manage to look around, you can find a lot of good applications.

The Cons of ShareIt App: Though there are some drawbacks, most of them can be easily sorted out. One of the major problems is that people do not get connected with their colleagues from different parts of the globe. If one lives in the United Kingdom and travels to Australia for work, it can still be difficult to share their thoughts with people there.

The advantages of ShareIt App: These disadvantages are temporary. With the help of advanced networking technologies like Facebook, MySpace and the likes, you can easily get connected with other users and create your own network.

The cons of ShareIt App: If one doesn’t have a strong connection to the internet, they can never use the ShareIt app. There is no way of making an application that will be possible to be used when the internet connection is not working.

The Pros of ShareIt App: One can use this software to create a network among friends and even create business connections with others. With a great web browsing engine, you can find thousands of applications available online. Also check some articles on shareit download, find how to download free shareit for pc on and download shareit for mac.


All in all, ShareIt App is one of the most sought after social networking applications of the internet. If you are looking forward to social networking but haven’t found the right application for yourself yet, then you should try the ShareIt App.


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